Episode 174 | How Not To Burn Out feat. Filippa Belette

podcast s-15 Jun 09, 2023

I see burn-out as being THE most critical occupational hazard of running a business - especially for female entrepreneurs (more on why that is soon!).  The responsibility of it can feel huge, with the pressure to perform and serve all the different stakeholders of our business. The problem is, we want to also live our lives - a core tenet of why I started my Bold Darling membership group!  As I always try to remind myself: if I go down, the whole thing goes down - the business, but also my health, relationships and family. Filippa Belette is a co-founder of Chris & Filly Functional Medicine, a virtual award-winning health and wellness practice. They specialise in ending body burnout in high-achieving people. Since 2009, Chris & Filly have worked with more than 2,000+ burned-out parents, including multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to successfully optimise their energy, productivity, and become connected to their family, their passion and their purpose in this world. In our conversation, Filippa and I cover: 

  • Her own experience of burn-out after the birth of her first baby
  • How that experience led her to finding her business path
  • The core childhood patterns that can set us up for burn-out later on in life
  • The less obvious signs of burn-out 
  • Why PMS is not normal
  • How long the timeline to burn-out can take
  • Whether or not female entrepreneurs are more likely to struggle with their health than male entrepreneurs 
  • Post-baby burnout in entrepreneurial mums 
  • The business/family blend and what she sees as the biggest challenges women have who are navigating both
  • The symptoms that can arise from body imbalances
  • How to go about finding a practitioner to support you  
  • One thing that you can do to immediately support your health better

To find out more about Chris + Filly, visit their website - chrisandfilly.fm and connect with them on Instagram - @chrisandfilly_fm