Hi, I'm Lorraine Murphy

I started my first business in my spare bedroom in 2012 - the first talent agency for social influencers in Australia; and that business went on to secure multi-million dollars in turnover.

I hustled hard in that business. Myself and my team won a shelf-full of awards (including Entrepreneur of the Year and Start-up of the Year) and I got to have life changing experiences like spending a week on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, and being flown all over Australia to speak at events.

I've featured frequently in media, including Marie Claire, Huffington Post, Sky News, The Project, Sunrise, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald and ABC News.              

I sold my first company in 2018 to focus on my “soul on fire” work - so educating, mentoring, speaking and writing.

In that time, I’ve discovered a new way to show up for my work: one that supports my energy and my growth, while also enabling me to nurture the different facets of my life (read on for those).

For the last five years I’ve brought that “new way” to my community by mentoring thousands of women, creating my flagship online programs, leading my Bold Darling Mastermind, hosting retreats around the world, publishing four books and hosting The Lorraine Murphy Show podcast - which now has hundreds of thousands of downloads.

I am deeply committed to learning about and integrating knowledge and tools to enable me to show up as the best person I can for my business, my health, my relationship, my children, my spiritual connection and my friends. It’s this same knowledge and tools that I pass on to my community - I try the things and they feel more confident to try them too. Kinda like a blonde, Irish-born guinea pig!

I’ve been married to my husband Wade for 10 years and we have two brilliant kids - Lexi (6) and Wilder (2). We packed up our life in Sydney in February 2023 to embark on a European adventure - we’re living and working on the Costa Blanca in Spain, and fitting in as many Euro mini-breaks as humanly possible. 😝

These are a few of my favourite things

  • Marathon walk ‘n’ talks with my besties
  • Seeing and feeling a mentee’s energy and mindset shift during a session
  • Spiced cacao in my favourite pottery mug
  • Date Night at a sexy restaurant wearing a sexy dress (me, not him)
  • Feeling the zing of a group I’m hosting connecting and sharing
  • A post-workout shower after an especially tough session
  • The upgraded feeling after working with a physical/spiritual/emotional practitioner
  • Having an abundant bank account
  • Really, REALLY good dark chocolate
  • Showing our kids the world
  • The sound of Aussie birds in the morning
  • Finding that special flow and losing track of time with my work
  • Early morning frankincense and meditation before the family awake
  • The smell when I exit the airport in a new country
  • Oysters, champagne (French) and fries (French)
  • Feeling myself and Wade (the husband) have our shit together at home
  • New activewear
  • An ocean splash, all four of us together
  • A Bali day of soul-loving ahead


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