Episode 170 | How To Get Paid To Speak feat. Jaimie Abbott

podcast s-15 May 12, 2023

Speaking is a surefire way to build your business - and even better if you’re getting paid to speak! My guest this week is a guru on all things speaking.

Jaimie Abbott is an award-winning media professional and international keynote speaker and has spent two decades in the industry working as a radio and TV journalist, political media adviser and candidate, Managing Director of her own public speaking and media training company and a Communications Adviser for the Royal Australian Air Force.

With over twenty years in the media and speaking world, Jaimie teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to improve their public speaking skills and has a course called Paid to Speak, which teaches people how to sell from stage and how to become highly paid speakers. In our conversation, we cover:

  • Her very diverse background… and I mean very!
  • The warzone crash course she had in public speaking training
  • How waiting till we’re ready is the killer to any potential speaker career
  • The most common blocks she sees people having with speaking
  • Her powerful reframe on Imposter Syndrome
  • How to take those first steps towards getting speaking opportunities
  • Her genius hashtag tip
  • How to decide on your speaking fee
  • Exactly what you need in your speaking kit to secure gigs

To find out more about Jaimie’s work, go to her website jaimieabbott.com.au or connect with her on Instagram - @jaimieabbott.