Episode 172 | How To Create A Sales Strategy

podcast s-15 May 26, 2023

Sales is the lifeblood of any business, however it can also be the most intimidating element of entrepreneurship.  Sales isn’t a skill we’re taught at school or university; so for many business owners, they need to figure a lot out very fast when it comes to bringing the dollars into their business. Thankfully we have experts like Abbie White in the world!  She is one of Australia’s most dynamic sales experts, as well as an in demand speaker and podcast host.  With over 15 years’ experience in sales, she has assisted in the delivery of over $500m in sales for her clients.  In our conversation, Abbie and I discuss: 

  • How she became the sales guru she is
  • The best salesperson she has encountered as a customer
  • How everyone in a team has an impact on sales 
  • If there is a “best time” of the year to be thinking about sales strategy
  • What sales trends she’s seeing for FY23/24 (including the stat that lit a rocket under my ass!)
  • The best strategies for lead generation
  • Her tips on converting leads into sales
  • What to think about when investing in a sales person (I also share my non-starter stories here…)
  • How to brush up on your sales skills

To find out more about Abbie’s work, visit her website: abbiewhite.com.au. As mentioned, her Rev Up Program is beginning soon. To find out more, go to: salesredefined.com.au/rev-up. Use code lorraine10 to get 10% off each month of the program. You’re welcome!