Episode 217 | How I Glowed Up My Skin

May 23, 2024

A bit of a different episode this week… I’m getting my beauty editor on!

Several times a week, I get asked the same question on Instagram: “What are you doing with your skin? It’s glowing!

As someone who has battled my skin for years (and had a 6-year career in beauty PR), this question entertains me - but I also need to answer it properly. Hence this week’s solo episode.

I share the skin concerns that I struggle with, and the ten steps I’ve taken to get my glow on in recent years. My skin this year is A Big Goal, so it’s action stations on this front!

I cover:

  • My dream London beauty job
  • The monthly non-negotiable that I’ve committed to this year
  • The mistake that a lot of women make with their skincare regime
  • The exact brands and products I use
  • How I’ve recently found a wonder product that has transformed my skin even more
  • The supermarket product that sorted a skincare niggle recently
  • The makeup that has rocked my world - and it’s clean!
  • The supplements I take for my skin

I hope you enjoy this step into my beauty world - let me know if you’d like more episodes like this!

In this episode I also mention:

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