Episode 216 | Are You A Grey Area Drinker? feat. Sarah Rusbatch

May 17, 2024

Alcohol seems to walk hand in hand for the modern experience as a woman - I’ve experienced this myself, with my friends, and with my mentees.  Alcohol in our society is seen as the cure-all: it helps relieve stress, is a way to celebrate, and helps us connect with others.  But what about the downsides?

Sarah Rusbatch is an accredited Grey Area Drinking Coach, Menopause Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and host of a community of over 20,000 women. She has been featured in publications such as ABC News, MamaMia, Body & Soul, Women’s Health, The Sunday Times and is a regular media commentator on Channel 9. 

Sarah has supported thousands to change their relationship with alcohol, and recently published her first book, Beyond Booze: How To Create A Life You Love Alcohol-Free

In our conversation, she shares her story with alcohol and what she has learned about it in the process, including:

  • What Grey Area Drinking is, and how someone knows if they fall into this category
  • Why she believes Alcohol Use Disorder in women has increased over 80% in the last 30 years
  • Why women are more vulnerable than men to the health risks of alcohol
  • The greatest benefits and the biggest changes for her and the women she works with in choosing to go alcohol free
  • Why alcohol is “the only drug we have to justify not taking"
  • Her advice on navigating socialising and friendships without alcohol 
  • Her biggest tips for anyone wanting to change their own relationship with alcohol

To find out more about Sarah’s work, visit her website at sarahrusbatch.com or find her on Instagram - @sarahrusbatch.  You can find her book, Beyond Booze, in all good bookstores and as an ebook.