Episode 214 | Probably The Best First Year In Biz I’ve Ever Seen! feat. Kat Wellum-Kent

May 03, 2024

I’ve gotten to walk alongside several mentees as they started their first business, and I’ve never seen someone’s first year be so stupendously successful and textbook as the one Kat Wellum-Kent just had.

Kat had been in my world for several years when we embarked on mentoring as she was deciding whether or not to leave her corporate accountancy career to start her own business.  

Spoiler alert: she did, and it was awesome!  And she did this with pretty challenging personal circumstances. 

In our conversation, we unpack her Year 1 experience - what worked, what could have gone better… and whether the reality of having her own business marries up to the vision she had for it.

She also shares:

  • The moment she knew she was going to go for it 
  • What most excited her about the prospect of having her own biz
  • …And what terrified her!
  • The very first 3 steps she took in starting
  • How she navigated a start-up and solo parenting for 6 months 
  • Why sales isn’t sales to her
  • Her support team and how she decided who to hire and when
  • What she did to conquer self-doubt and all the other start-up mindset blocks
  • One thing she’d say to someone working in corporate who's thinking about starting their own business

You can find out more about Kat’s business at fractionalfinance.co.uk or on Instagram - @fractionalfinance

Resources Kat mentions are:

And if you’d like to join my Bali retreat, you can still squeeze in!