Episode 211 | The Launch That Changed My Life

Apr 12, 2024

I just wrapped the launch for my Bold Darling Mastermind…. And the experience changed my life.  

For the first time, it was easeful!  And fun!

This was my fifth time launching Bold Darling, and probably my fifteenth launch overall.  So I’ve learned a lot by now.

In this week’s episode, I share a debrief of this most recent launch - what worked, what could have gone better… and the specific results we got.

Listen to find out about:

  • The new approach that gamechanged our team dynamic during launch
  • How we gave the Bold Darling branding a zhoosh 
  • The epic bonus that hugely increased upfront payments
  • The personal steps I took to keep my mindset and energy sky-high for the launch
  • The exact tech I used during the launch
  • The one area that fared dismally… and how we’re going to improve on it next time!

I so hope you enjoy this debrief - whether you’re actively launching in your business right now, it’s something you’re planning… or if you’re just curious to know how these things work.

As I mention in the episode:

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