Episode 210 | Success Secrets Of My Top Performing Mentees

Mar 24, 2024

This episode is brought to you by my Bold Darling Mastermind, which is two years old now!  Doors only open twice a year and they’re open right now… until Wednesday 27th March.  Find out more and join here: bolddarling.com 

I’ve gotten to mentor thousands of entrepreneurs now, and what I wanted to do for this week’s episode is to distil what the most successful of those mentees are doing to achieve whatever their version of success is.  

Whether success for you is dramatically increased revenue, more time freedom in your business, or having more impact, I promise the secrets I share today will help you get there!

I discuss:

  • The absolute prerequisite for success 
  • The most important system to consider in any business (it might surprise you)
  • A nugget from one of our Bold Darling experts that I wish every woman in business could know
  • How I fell in love with sales
  • The message I received recently from a mentee’s husband
  • Why outsourcing is easier now than ever before

Some resources I mention in the episode are:

  • My first book Remarkability
  • My second book Get Remarkably Organised (it’s also an audio book that you can listen to for free if you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber!)
  • Abbie White and her business Sales Redefined