Episode 209 | The BEST Expert Advice I've Heard

Mar 22, 2024

This episode is brought to you by my Bold Darling Mastermind, which is two years old now! Doors only open twice a year and they’re open right now… until Wednesday 27th March. Find out more and join here.

Each month in my Bold Darling Mastermind, we host an expert in their space. In this week’s episode, I’m sharing the most potent nuggets from five different experts in recent months.

This is your opportunity to be a fly on the wall for these Bold Darling sessions, and glean some of their wisdom for your own life and business!

As is the Bold Darling philosophy, we focus on a holistic annual curriculum. You’ll hear:

  • Why founder of Millionaire Girl’s Club, Jill Stanton, believes “expanders” are the key to success (our SCALING UP month speaker)
  • The simple communication framework that Lucy Beytagh, founder of The LKB Agency and Calm Communication, recommends (our COMMUNICATION month speaker)
  • Dr. Gina Cleo on why instead of focusing on reducing self-sabotage, we should focus instead on self-efficacy (our GOALSETTING & HABITS month speaker)
  • The key step in unlocking our own inner resilience, with Dr. Sascha Kowalenko (our MINDSET month expert)
  • The three nutrients naturopath Emma Sutherland says every female entrepreneur should be taking - for hormonal balance and to reduce anxiety (our WELLBEING & STRESS MANAGEMENT month speaker)

You can hear from experts like this every single month! Sign up to be a Bold Darling member before Wednesday 27th March.