Episode 207 | The 3 Skills Every Biz Owner Should Be Focusing On (But Most Don’t)

Mar 08, 2024

There are obviously lots of “hard” skills we talk about when it comes to growing a business: sales, marketing, operations, admin… It’s a pretty long list!

But there are also several “soft” skills that are essential in entrepreneurship; many of which are often overlooked.

In this week’s episode, I identify the three skills that are absolutely critical to help you achieve your business goals - in a sustainable way for you as the founder.

I cover:

  • The factors influencing the need for more of these soft skills in business
  • The feminine quality that’s an absolute business superpower
  • The practice I’m currently using to help me tap into my intuition (It’s so simple! Yet powerful!)
  • The negative impact of putting off key decisions
  • Tools that can help you make faster and more effective decisions
  • A “resilience tank”... and why you need to be prioritising yours

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