Episode 206 | Struggling With Time? Find Out Why With This Self-Diagnosis

Mar 01, 2024


Time is probably THE biggest challenge that I see my community having - and it came back yet again when I invited requests for this new season of the show!  

In a different style of episode, this week I pose five questions to help you uncover where your challenges around time might be coming from.  Along with, of course, some tips and ideas on what you can do in that particular area relating to time including: 

  • How to layer in more (or maybe some!) support at home 
  • A topline guide on how I structure my weekdays
  • How to ease the burden of weekly planning
  • The two weekly commitments that are helping me go into the weekends more rested

In this episode I also mention my upcoming retreat to BALI!! It’s happening 27th May - 1st June and it will be six days / five nights of life changing bliss.  Find out more here.  There are only 6 spots left, and a couple of private rooms remaining. 

Also coming up is doors opening for my Bold Darling Mastermind… and a Brisbane event in May!