Episode 205 | Navigating The Business/Family Blend feat Jaclyn Carlson

Feb 16, 2024
Jaclyn Carlson Image

I’m very excited for this week’s episode, as we dive deep into the parenting universe with Jaclyn Carlson, a certified Mother Mentor, Parent Coach, and Matrescence Facilitator. Jaclyn brings a deeply compassionate and mother-centric approach to her work, understanding the profound impact, challenges, and extraordinary strengths that motherhood offers women steering their own businesses.

In our chat, Jaclyn shares her own experiences of the parenting and business blend, as well as many 'aha' moments and insights that will pave the way for a more connected, conscious approach to raising our little humans.

We cover: 

  • Her background and how she felt called to make the pivot she has  
  • What a mother mentor/parenting coach actually does
  • What she has found the singularly most challenging part of the parenting/business blend (I share mine here too)
  • The concept of matrescence, and how it can be a double whammy for business owners
  • Why parenting can actually be your superpower in business (I loved this point she made!)
  • The impact of our own childhoods and how we can break generational cycles with our own children
  • Self-silencing and the future risk it creates 
  • The number 1 goal parents should be focusing on 
  • Her tips on nervous system regulation - especially in the midst of a meltdown (kids and our own!)

You can find out more about Jaclyn’s work on her website - jaclyncarlson.com and on Instagram - @blogsociety.

In this episode I also mention my upcoming retreat to BALI!! It’s happening 27th May - 1st June and it will be six days / five nights of life changing bliss.  Find out more here.