Episode 204 | Dear Lorraine: I Want To Move Out Of Corporate - Where Do I Start?

Feb 09, 2024
Image of Lorraine Murphy

This week’s Dear Lorraine question is: “I’m looking to step out of corporate and I’m pondering my next steps. What would your advice be to me?”

I love this question as I’ve worked with many mentees on exactly this challenge! While I did answer my listener’s question, this will be a super helpful episode for anyone who’s currently at a crossroads in their life or career, or is feeling that flicker of curiosity about what life could be.

In my response, I cover:

  • The difference between an “away from” goal and a “towards” goal
  • The set of “heart” questions to ask yourself to help you uncover your purpose
  • The set of “head” questions to ask yourself in order to identify your purpose
  • The concept of “runway” and how it helps decide next steps
  • Options to start a more “off-the-rack” business
  • The really fucking sad story that underlines everything I share in this episode

I mention my brilliant mentee Michelle Kvello’s Corporate To Consultant program, which steps you through the process of leaving corporate and going out on your own. You can find it right here.

If you’d like to find out more about working with me as a one-on-one mentee, check out my Power Quarter Mentoring package here.