Episode 203 | How To Have A More Active Work Day (And Why You Should) feat. Lizzie Williamson

Feb 02, 2024

One of my goals this year is to move more… especially during my work days of extended sitting on my ass!  

So I was thrilled to have this chat I’m sharing with you this week, with the effervescent Lizzie Williamson.  Lizzie is an author, TEDx speaker, certified personal trainer and a regular fitness presenter on morning TV with her work featured on Good Morning America and the Today Show. 

In our conversation, we covered: 

  • Her background and how she came to do the work she does
  • Her experience with postnatal depression and what it taught her 
  • The scientific reason why movement helps so much (this was fascinating!)
  • The number one reason Aussies give for not doing more exercise
  • Fun - and accessible - ideas on how to move more throughout your work day
  • The merits of a standing desk, and how to make it work for you
  • Her advice for staying on track with fitness goals this year

It was an auspicious day for Lizzie when we spoke - it was publication day for her new book: The Active Workday Advantage!  It’s available now and you can find out more about Lizzie’s work at lizziewilliamson.com and on Instagram - @energizewithlizzie.  

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