Episode 196 | Meet My Favourite Bali Healer feat. Jimmy Doyle (part 3 of my Bali retreat debrief)

Dec 22, 2023

*Trigger warning: Please note this episode discusses sexual and physical abuse.*

This week on the show, I’m sharing the third and final part of my Bali retreat debrief.  I’m delighted that Jimmy Doyle, our healer-in-residence on the retreat (and one of my most popular past guests!) is returning to share the healing side of the experience. 

Our intention with this conversation is to pass on some of the greatest lessons and insights from the retreat, so that you get to learn from it too… and hopefully help you feel seen for the challenges you may be experiencing yourself. 

In our conversation, we cover:

  • What he actually does!
  • His philosophy of “knowing yourself to be yourself”
  • The most common challenges he saw within my retreat group 
  • His explanation for bloating 
  • Why healing isn’t about changing ourselves, but loving and protecting ourselves 
  • The simple tool we can all use to amplify our intuition and protect our energy  

The two books Jimmy recommends are:

  • Heal Your Body, Louise Hay
  • The Body Is The Barometer For The Soul, Anette Noontil 

You can connect with Jimmy via WhatsApp - his number is +62 813 3719 9677 or email: [email protected].

I hope you enjoy today’s episode, and that you get lots of nuggets from it - whether you’re planning a self-guided retreat, or a retreat with me or someone else.

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Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!