Episode 191 | Building a Wellness Brand feat. Cassie Sanghvi of The Base Collective

podcast s-17 Nov 17, 2023

I’ve long been a fan of the benefits of magnesium, so I was super keen to meet someone who’s built an entire multi-million dollar business on this miracle mineral!

Cassie Sanghvi is the founder of Australia's leading magnesium skincare company, The Base Collective. With her background as a pharmacist, she always read the ingredients list on labels, but having children really sparked her interest in natural, organic products, and she was struggling to find products she felt comfortable using on her family and that looked good. 

The Base Collective reached huge success with its best-selling Magnesium Oil. In just 8 years, Cassie has turned the brand into a multi-million dollar business with customers all over the world and a deal with Coles.

In our conversation, Cassie shares: 

  • Why magnesium is so powerful... specifically for women with pretty full lives!
  • Her "aha" moment that birthed the business
  • The very first steps she took to make the business a reality
  • Her philosophy of “going big” from Day 1
  • The three greatest obstacles she’s had to overcome to get the business to where it is now
  • The very specific challenges that surprised her about a product-based business model
  • The support infrastructure she has built around her to enable her to run the business and be a mother of three  
  • Her current goal in the business (and it wasn’t what I expected)

The book Cassie recommends is “Breath” by James Nestor.

Enter to win a $200 voucher for The Base Collective on my Instagram - @lorrainemurphymentor.  A winner will be announced on Thursday 23rd November.

Find out more about the brand at thebasecollective.com.au or on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok - @thebasecollective.