Episode 188 | BONUS EPISODE! My Time Breakthrough Masterclass

podcast s-16 Sep 28, 2023

Time is THE most precious commodity we have as business owners… yet so many don’t manage their time effectively.

In this week’s bonus episode, I’m sharing The Time Breakthrough Masterclass I hosted this week.  I’ll take you behind the scenes of what it TRULY takes to be the queen of your calendar.... so you can create and achieve your business goals with ease and flow. 

I share:

  • The two critically different modes you must factor into your working week
  • My 3 golden rules of outsourcing - and how to make it easy
  • The embarrassing tricks I use to snap me into productive mode (including a live demo!)
  • How to nix procrastination 

Let me take you from an overwhelmed and overstretched little bunny to a clear and capable calendar queen!

As I share in this episode, doors to my Bold Darling Mastermind close THIS THURSDAY… and won’t be opening again for six months. If you’re ready to build a successful business that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your special self for it, then you’ll love being part of this dynamic group.  Join at bolddarling.com. 

To find out more about Elke’s business, go to powerbodyforlife.com or find her on Instagram - @powerbodyforlife. 

Be bold!