Episode 187 | A Reassuring Episode To Help You Through Tough Biz Times

podcast s-16 Sep 22, 2023

Starting and running a business can be really tough - both when external situations, people or events impact us, and when things on the outside appear to be going well and we’re consumed with mindset gremlins.

Having run my own businesses for 11 years, I’ve ridden that rollercoaster… and built up a bank of lessons, reframes and tools that I lean heavily on - and that I teach my one-on-one mentees!  

In this episode, I pass on five of the most valuable nuggets that reassure me when the going gets tough (and not just in business either).  I hope they feel like a big comforting hug if you need it right now, and that you can come back to this episode in gnarly times in future.

I also share that doors are open NOW to my Bold Darling Mastermind.  I’ve recently tweaked a couple of elements to the model, which means it’s completely accessible to you no matter where you are in the world… and the investment has come down too. 

Doors close at midnight on Thursday 28th September, and they won’t open again for 6 months. Go to bolddarling.com to find out more.

I’m also hosting a free Masterclass next week called The Time Breakthrough.  There are 3 sessions available and you can register for your free spot at lorrainemurphy.com.au/ttb. 

To find out more about brilliant Laura’s business, go to laurapresscounselling.com.au, and you can also listen to her podcast Relationships Turned On.