Episode 186 | Business After Baby - What It’s REALLY Like

podcast s-16 Sep 15, 2023

Preparing a business baby for a human baby coming along is no mean feat, and it can be even trickier when you’re trying to figure it all out yourself.  I know as I wrote a book about everything I experienced as I navigated that journey!  

I’m thrilled to bring you this conversation with two women who have very recently traversed the same path.  Anna-Louise Moule is the founder of Balanced Bodies Lifestyle Clinic in Sydney - and now proud mama to Frankie.  Elke Hoenisch is the founder of Power Body For Life, which provides online personal training for pre and post partum women… and now also mama to William.   

In our chat, we cover: 

  • Their different routes to business/family - Anna being more established, while Elke started her business on maternity leave
  • Their initial thoughts/fears/excitements about bringing an actual baby to join their business babies
  • How they prepared their businesses for Baby's arrival… and the elements that surprised them in that process
  • Who they leaned on for advice as they embarked on their entrepreneurial mama journeys
  • The reality vs the vision of post-Baby life 
  • One thing they would say to someone who has a business and wants to start a family
  • One thing you would say to someone who wants their own business one day and also wants a family (Elke)

I hope that this episode helps you if you’ve got designs on having your own business AND a family one day, and it also resonates if you’re already on that path!

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To find out more about:

  • Anna-Louise’s business: Balanced Bodies - bblifestyleclinic.com.au / @balancedbodieslifestyleclinic 
  • Elke’s business: Power Body For Life - powerbodyforlife.com / @powerbodyforlife 
  • Natalie’s business: N21 Events - n21.events / @n21_events