Episode 184 | How To Be A Financial Adult feat. Mel Browne

podcast s-16 Sep 01, 2023


This thing called adulting requires us to care for ourselves, show up for work, and generally be a responsible citizen… however one area that many women neglect is their financial adulting.  My guest this week is on a mission to change that!

Mel Browne is an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor and entrepreneur.  She’s a financial wellness advocate and financial coach, as well as an educator, speaker, advisor and multiple business owner.  She’s also been one of our experts in my Bold Darling Mastermind.  

She has written four books; More Money for Shoes, Fabulous but Broke, the global best-seller Unf*ck your Finances and her most recent, Budgets Don't Work (But This Does).

In this week’s episode, Mel and I discuss: 

  • The crazy financial decision she made at 33
  • Her definition of financial success 
  • The greatest influences that shape our money beliefs and behaviours
  • Why women are less likely to discuss money with friends/peers 
  • The biggest pain points women have when it comes to their money
  • How to manage your mindset (and your money!) in a tough financial climate 
  • Why so many of us avoid/delay/procrastinate on dealing with our finances
  • “Lifestyle creep” and how it impacts our ability to reach our goals
  • What Financial Adulting looks like
  • The average number of revenue streams a millionaire has
  • One thing she would advise a woman in her 20s/30s/40s/50s to do to secure her financial future

To find out more about Mel’s work (and access her free resources!) go to: melissabrowne.com.au or follow her on Instagram at @melbrowne.money. 

Oh, and doors to her flagship Financial Adulting Plan are opening next week!  

I also share in this episode the brand new ebook I’ve just published: “The 7 Habits of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs”.  You can grab your copy for free at lorrainemurphy.com.au/7habits.