Episode 183 | Dear Lorraine: I Can’t Make A Decision

podcast s-16 Aug 25, 2023

This week’s Dear Lorraine episode is in response to a listener request, who shared: “Decision making - I struggle with this massively.  There are things I can easily and confidently make decisions about.  But the ones I can’t really hold me back.  It’s exhausting!” 

It’s honestly not something I had considered before - how do we make effective decisions that move us forward, and give us peace of mind in doing so?  In this episode, I step through the tools that I engage to make decisions, and also how we can tune into ourselves and our own intuition when making both the little and big calls.  

I hope what I share gives you both reassurance and clarity as you approach the next decision in your life or business.

The free online DISC behaviour assessment I use is here: discpersonalitytesting.com/free-disc-test