Episode 182 | Living An Aligned Life feat. JJ DiGeronimo

podcast s-16 Aug 18, 2023

JJ DiGeronimo is a three-time award-winning author, speaker, and former leading woman in the tech industry.  After 25 years in that industry, she hit a wall from over-producing, over-delivering, and over-committing. She was questioning all aspects of her life and felt like she was her own worst enemy. 

Eventually, JJ realised that she needed to make a change. She started by seeking professional help and began a journey of self-discovery. She learned how to set boundaries, say no, and take care of herself.  JJ's transformation was profound. She went from feeling lost and overwhelmed to feeling confident and empowered. 

Her latest book, Seeking, shares 74 key findings to raise your energy, sidestep your self-doubts and align with your life’s work.

  • How - and why - self doubt is the No.1 challenge she sees women experiencing
  • How are alignment and growth are linked
  • What it means to live in alignment in our lives and businesses
  • The most common factors that send women out of alignment 
  • Her concept of “drowning in yeses”
  • The Power of No tool framework she created 
  • Her own challenges with accessing her feminine energy 
  • What we can do to steady ourselves after a curveball, and get back in alignment 
  • The concept of fuel stations and how we can incorporate them into our lives 
  • Her perspective on setting and maintaining boundaries 

To find out more about JJ’s work:
Website - jjdigeronimo.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jjdigeronimo

Instagram - @jjdigeronimo

Free Power of No Resource: jjjdigeronimo.com/powerofno