Episode 181 | Boundaries & Scaling feat. Laura Press & Ness Hartge

podcast s-16 Aug 10, 2023

Creating - and maintaining - effective boundaries is one of the cornerstones to scaling a business.  And as my guests this week prove, sometimes the simplest boundaries can have the greatest impact.

Ness Hartge and Laura Press are two Bold Darling members, who have each made giant strides in setting their businesses up to support themselves, and their clients, better in recent months.

Ness is the owner of In Order Business Solutions, a bookkeeping practice in regional NSW.  Laura is a counselor and podcaster, who works with both couples and individuals and runs a fully online business. 

In our conversation, both women share: 

  • The tipping point that forced them to reexamine how they were running their businesses
  • The challenges and mental blocks they had to changing their approach 
  • The simple boundaries they each put down…
  • …And the huge positive impact those boundaries have had 
  • How they navigated when others tested those boundaries 
  • The greater good that we can contribute to when setting boundaries

I hope Ness and Laura’s stories act as inspiring (and accessible!), case studies for you as you consider what changes you could make in order to scale your business more effectively and more sustainably. 

As I share in this episode, doors to my Bold Darling Mastermind are opening again next month - watch this space! 

To connect with Laura, go to laurapresscounselling.com.au, connect with her on Instagram at @laurapresscounselling or listen to her podcast, Relationships Turned On With Laura Press. 

And connect with Ness on Instagram: @kurrajonghill.