Episode 178 | Sharing The Voice & Story Of Your Brand feat. Brooke Hill

podcast s-16 Jul 20, 2023

Sharing the story of a business, and crafting its own unique voice, can be a challenge for many business owners – most especially those who don’t identify as natural writers. This block can really hold a business back, and prevent entrepreneurs reaching the full potential of their marketing. Luckily for us, this week on the show we have a gold standard expert in brand voice and storytelling!

Brooke Hill is a brand storyteller, content consultant and copywriting coach. For over 20 years, she has either led marketing campaigns or created content for some of the world’s leading brands – including Sheridan, Paspaley, Valentino, David Jones and Gucci. She’s the author of children’s picture book, You Two, You Two, and has been a longtime mentee of mine.

In our conversation, Brooke shares:

  • Why every brand is a storyteller… and how to tell our unique stories
  • The three biggest challenges small businesses face when it comes to content creation
  • Her gorgeous definition of strategy – I had never heard this before!
  • How to bring content and desired business outcomes together
  • What a brand voice is, and how we create one for our businesses
  • When we should outsource copywriting
  • How AI can support us in communicating our brands
  • The SEO benefit of great copy
  • How she has built her business on the basis of strong boundaries
  • What’s currently exciting her – and challenging her! – in her business

The resources Brooke mentions are: