Episode 177 | Dear Lorraine: I’m Stuck

podcast s-16 Jul 14, 2023

I asked my Instagram community what their biggest challenge is right now - and I had a LOT of responses! In this new “Dear Lorraine” occasional episode format, I speak to one of these challenges.

First up is a challenge that keeps a lot of us back from experiencing the growth we want or need to: that icky feeling of being stuck. In this first “Dear Lorraine” episode, I address this challenge - including the five steps I suggest to get yourself unstuck, the need for an occasional “Winter”, and honest sharing from my own experiences of feeling stuck over the years.

Whether you feel you need a bit of a kickstart, or a total overhaul right now, this is a great episode to help you on your way. The book I mention is Wintering by Katherine May - I highly recommend it!