Episode 168 | How To Work With A Virtual Assistant feat. Kristy Smith

podcast s-15 Apr 28, 2023

Engaging a VA is one of the most accessible ways to scale your business - and it’s often the first step for business owners as they scale their businesses!

There are wonderful advantages to bringing a VA onto your team, however there are also pitfalls to watch out for.

Kristy Smith is the founder of Virtual Elves, a VA agency she founded in 2009 - AKA long before VAs became mainstream!

In our conversation, she shares her insights on how to set you (and your VA) up for a successful relationship, including:

  • What exactly a VA is - I learned something here!
  • The typical tasks that suit a VA best
  • How to decide between an offshore VA and Australia-based support
  • Delegation vs. abdication - this was powerful
  • What the payment ranges are for a VA
  • Direct hiring vs. hiring through an agency
  • When the best lifestage of your biz is to look at hiring a VA
  • The three biggest mistakes biz owners making with VAs

To find out more about Kristy and Virtual Elves, go to virtualelves.com.au.

In this episode, I also announce my brand spanking new offer to help you grow your personal brand business. 

It’s called Amplify You and it’s a 10-week intensive container that blends Masterclass-style sessions with hands-on support from me, and a veritable arsenal of resources, templates and checklists. 

Put simply: it’s my business in a box!

Over 10 weeks, I’ll guide you through what I have learned are the core pillars of what a successful personal brand business requires: Strategy, Mindset, Brand, Marketing, Products and Systems & Support. 

I’ll be packaging up my greatest lessons, and also drawing on the wisdom of savvy subject experts It kicks off on Thursday 11th May - find out more here at lorrainemurphy.com.au.