Episode 166 | The 101 On Human Design feat. Billie Routledge

podcast s-15 Apr 14, 2023

Human Design has become quite the trendy topic over recent years, and maybe - like me! - you’ve wondered “WTF is this all about?”. 

I had dabbled in the space a couple of years ago, then decided I wanted to get a solid understanding of human design. 

I turned to Human Design Guide Billie Routledge to give me (and you!) the “101” on what it’s all about. Billie read my human design chart and gave me an in depth reading, then I interviewed her for the show. 

Join me as I figure out Human Design with the brilliant guidance of Billie, including: 

  • Her background and how she came across Human Design
  • The four modalities that Human Design originates from
  • An overview of the five different energy types within Human Design 
  • Why working against your Human Design could be why you’re feeling burnt out 
  • Why Human Design can be so potent for business owners
  • How to get your Human Design reading 
  • Whether or not a particular Human Design is especially advantageous for business owners
  • How Human Design can help you manage your energy more effectively 
  • How to complement your Human Design style


Resources Billie references:

  • To find your topline Human Design - mybodygraph.com
  • Jenna Zoe’s Human Design resources  - mybodygraph.com 
  • Jes Fields’ foundational program on Human Design - jesfields.com 
  • Author Karen Curry Parker’s books on Human Design 

To find out more about Billie’s work, visit her website - billieroutledge.com - and find her on Instagram at @billieroutledge_hd. Billie has generously created an offer for listeners of The Lorraine Murphy Show.  Use code LORRAINEMURPHY20 to get 20% off a Deep Dive reading with Billie at checkout.