Episode 165 | Bonus episode! Day 3 Of My Personal Brand Training

podcast s-15 Apr 03, 2023


As I love you podcast listeners so much, I’m treating your ears (and brains!) to three bonus episodes over the next three days.

This week, I hosted the SHOWUP - aka a 3-day personal brand journey to help business owners amplify their personal brand in order to grow their businesses.

Day 3 was all about MINDSET - aka what I believe is actually the greatest challenge in growing your personal brand.  I’ve learned myself that a small perspective shift from the right person can unlock a whole new level of confidence, self-belief and purpose in me.  THAT’S what I want for you from this episode. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why mindset speed wobbles are actually a GOOD thing (trust me!)
  • How mindset challenges in business essentially fall into two camps
  • The Mindset Monsters that lurk in each of these camps… and how to slay them
  • The insurance policy you can create for yourself to protect yourself from the impact of these Mindset Monsters 

Have your notebook and pen ready as you listen, as this is a pacey, nugget-packed session!

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