Episode 162 | Genius Advice From Five Experts That Will Change Your Biz (And Life!)

podcast s-15 Mar 31, 2023

I feel like a mum marvelling at how quickly her kids grow up… 

Bold Darling Mentoring Program is about to turn one year old -  I can’t believe it!

I created Bold Darling as I could see far too many stressed-out, burnt-out, unfulfilled business owners in my community. The program immediately caught fire (in a good way), with the number of new members far surpassing what I had even hoped for from day one. 

In the last 12 months, I have spent time with this group multiple times a month, and we have had 12 absolutely stellar experts join us too.  

This week I wanted to hand the spotlight over to five of these experts - believe me, it was so tough to choose just five! In this episode, you’ll hear from:

  • Influence expert Julie Masters on why we should forget about confidence and focus on certainty instead
  • Leading online marketer Jaclyn Carlson on the perilous mistake so many business owners make in neglecting email list growth
  • Jack Delosa, founder of The Entourage, on how to create more space to think strategically in your business
  • Laura Elkaslassy, CEO of Profit First Australia, on how the Profit First methodology can change your business… and your life
  • Instagram expert Brooke Vulinovich on the 3 greatest mistakes entrepreneurs make on the platform

This week I flung open the doors for new members to Bold Darling - hooray!!  They’re closing at midnight AEST Tuesday 4th April… and they won’t be opening again until October this year.  
Go to bolddarling.com to find out more and sign up.