Episode 160 | The Trailblazer of Coaching feat. Kendall Summer-Hawk

podcast s-15 Mar 17, 2023

This week on the show, I get to share with you a conversation I had with a true-blue industry trailblazer - Kendall SummerHawk.  

Kendall is a pioneer in the women’s entrepreneurial movement who began working as a coach in 2002 - aka a VERY different business landscape to coaches starting out today!  Her mission is to put the power of making money into every woman’s hands. 

She is the creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes model, and made her name as an expert in helping women unlock both financial and business success for themselves, by letting go of past money blocks in order to experience deep, soul level breakthroughs in claiming their worth. 

She has since evolved her business to focus on certified coach trainings.  

In myself and Kendall’s chat, we cover: 

  • The first steps she took towards coaching many moons ago
  • Why she describes her first year in business as “the year of fear and tears”
  • Filing for divorce and burning her business boats in one week 
  • The major disadvantage she sees entrepreneurs facing today 
  • How she found her coaching sweet spot of women and money
  • Why pricing is so critical in a business  
  • The Sacred Money Archetypes and how she created them
  • How she transitioned to a certification program model
  • What she sees as the biggest blocks female entrepreneurs have when it comes to increasing their incomes 
  • The mistake so many of us make of “crawling into our clients’ wallets” (OMG this is powerful!!)
  • Her own personal practices when it comes to creating abundance in her business
  • Why she believes coaching is a great business model 
  • The one thing you can do to immediately increase abundance in your business

As you’ll hear, Kendall is a magnetic storyteller and I absolutely adored speaking with her.    To find out more about Kendall, visit her website at kendallsummerhawk.com or follow her on Instagram at @kendallsummerhawk. To access her Sacred Money Archetypes Quiz, go to www.sacredmoneyarchetypes.com/quiz/

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