Why we created this program

We have both been big believers in goal setting and visioning for many years - if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have gotten the results we’ve gotten in our respective businesses.

However our goal setting as individuals had always been that… a very individual thing where we each went away and planned out our year ahead, then filled the other one in later.

The result?

Each of us busting our butts trying to make goals happen, that we hadn’t taken the time to educate the other one on… to the detriment of both our goals!

Think about two horses pulling a cart.

If one horse is going left and the other horse is going right, what eventually happens to the cart?

It gets pulled apart.

Yep, that was us.

We realised that we couldn’t achieve the life of our dreams if we weren’t pulling together.


Thankfully we realised that we needed to take a different approach.

We began to apply our business planning philosophy to our relationship.

Over the course of two days, we sat down together and worked through a step-by-step process to getting us clear and aligned on where we wanted to be… and how we were going to get there.

It was exciting, productive, connecting work.

However it was also intense, frustrating and confronting when we got right into the nitty-gritty of the daily realities of the two of us making the magic happen while also sharing responsibility for our kids, our house and the various other commitments required to just exist.

It was so damn worth it.

Through that work, we found an alignment we had never had before between us, we were crystal clear on what it was we needed to do… and the pedal hit the metal from there.

I shared the process we went through in my emails, on Instagram and in my latest book - and I’ve had so many people ask about it that we felt we could REALLY help couples by guiding them through the process… together!

In her bestselling book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg says that the most important decision a woman will ever make is who she chooses as her partner. And we believe it’s the very same case for men!

When we’re approaching our goals as individuals, we’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

The fact is that our partners are the most important stakeholders in our lives - not our boss, our line manager, our business partner or our best friends.

It’s our partner that will either pick us up or make us feel even worse on the crappy days.

 It’s our partner whose support (physical and emotional) we are dependent on to make our goals (big and small) happen.

So it makes sense to plan your goals together, doesn’t it? So you can support each other, hear each other, morph your next 12 months around making those goals happen for each other.

It’s about moving from what I’M going to do to what WE’RE going to do.

If clashes on goals come up, they’re dealt with at the front end of the year and not left to fester with resentment and resistance all year long.

You cannot achieve the life of your dreams if you’re not pulling together.

Couple Goals is for you if...

  • You lack direction as a couple
  • You feel stuck in a loop of same-old, same-old
  • Resentment around unequal distribution of responsibilities is eating one or both of you up
  • You set goals together, but they don’t seem to materialise
  • You’re getting antsy about time slipping away and not moving closer to the life you want together
  • Goal setting is totally new to one or both of you and you don’t know where to start
  • You’ve been looking for some structure or guidance to help you plan your life
  • You want to get back in the driving seat of your life together


Let’s get you started!



How it works

We created this program that steps you through the exact process we use at the start of each year.

We know that pace and availability is going to be different for everyone, so this is not a week-by-week program. Instead, you’ll receive all the materials at once via email, to work through at your own pace.


It comes in four main parts:

What you get

10 Training Videos

We’ll step you through our planning process, from our Life Audit right through to how to run your weekly meeting together. The videos are to-the-point, fun and easy to watch.

2 Couple Goals Workbooks

A jam-packed toolkit of everything you need for the program, and for the year ahead. Think worksheets, checklists, progress trackers, agenda and lots more tools…


Let's be real here...

The title of this program (aka Couple Goals) is NOT as we’re claiming that we ourselves are #couplegoals.

We’ve had more than our fair share of challenges over the last 13+ years together.

In that time, we have navigated a business sale, the start-up of a second business, financial blows that led to intense chronic financial worry, miscarriage, extended periods where one of us was travelling, too many house moves and the usual day-to-day grind of arguing over household duties and life admin.

It was tough at times - really really tough.

We believe that what saved us was the thinking, goals and structures that we put in place together at the beginning of the year.

That infrastructure reminded us what the point of it all is, and gave us certainty and reassurance during some very fractious and scary times.

We are not holding ourselves up as the ideal couple - far from it.

This program is about keeping it bloody real: the fights, the resentment, the constant negotiations....

We’ve experienced it all, and we’re willing to share that with the intent that it helps other couples navigating similar challenges.

Are you in? Let’s get you started!



Any other questions? Drop us an email.